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Friday, February 29, 2008
@ 5:17 AM

pretty tired out these two days.. perhaps of the much catching up work cause i am sick and band has been pretty much tiring to.. working hard these days in band. which is like a down period for most of the seniors. Diagnostic tests are up and coming. and its like super fast its gonna be the 'O's pretty scary huhs? i have been much slacking and really felt bad bout it. hms..perhaps should really buck up soon. and gonna take their 'O' level art topics for doodles.
pretty much randoms here. Today din really slept at lessons its like Spa and physical education. so how am i suppose to? oh well.. completely flunk today's SPA. its 'O's and its like.. Mrs chua even said.. your sec three foundation... WEAK. *-*... one from Mr.goh.. one from MRS chua. okay... my PURE? hope i could... i am such ... a failure. totally. oh.. new euphoniums are here yesterday. and is given to two peeps. a pretty pity that i din get and well not really that upset about it cause i know i am not that qualify to. but a pity to.. hmms..
oh well.. got back home and rented step up. cause my sister wanted to watch. and its a okay show wanted to review it.. so can continue its part two.. in the movies. =) yeahs. who wanna watch with me? laughs~ have you ever had a heart.. stab and stabbed. til it no longer bleeds.. but left with tears... and ... sweat...
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