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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
@ 5:19 AM

Hello people. its like ages since i blogged. i know that many stuffs had happen and not much know. some half-knowingly some knew everything. and i suddenly realised... that this time i wasnt lying on anyone's shoulder. and its not because i told myself to be strong and learned to. but because circumstances cause me to. quite saddening i know.. but... look on the other side..
i've learned. And now what i am afraid is that i couldnt treat people like i used to.. like how i would in the past. Sorry people. *-* Back of this.. Reached school like damn early? well.. thats what they said.. then meet michelle.. its was damn unlucky cause it rained. [ i din resort for umbrella ] School was as usual.. except that i din sleep at much in the mornings like i do every schooling days. =) Chatted random stuffs with girls and realised stuffs.. had fun during geography [ defintely not with the lessons ] Went to computer lab for social studies... and me and michelle....Not doing anything much. we realised.. schoolwork with friends... OUT. VIWAWA.
Then made an appointment with Mrs chua.. [ still haven gotten used to calling her that ] i still preferred ms audrey tan. Whatever. Today's english journal was SKYDIVE. just felt weird. chinese was horrendous. marks..blehs.. Rubbish. It was band then.. wasnt bad as i thought it would be. Had much fun and laughters... and SHAKING plus tremendous ROCKING. =)
Talked and then went to return discs and rented a few again.. laughs.. rented neverland , no reservations and bridge to terabithia. =) ...snacked like i wont stop. HAte it.
Hasse Hasse.

Maybe one day i could find someone that understands me. That is you. but why....


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.