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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
@ 10:34 AM

Today was michelle's birthday. Was oral too. Mother tongue. thought i will do well for it and i totally did... badly. real bad and i know it. after that chatted awhile with mich and then went home with hamtaro. Then did some house work. prepared. then went over to michelle's house... i lost my handphone in the end. *funny thing that michelle's sister actually helped me in it* woah~ she knew what i did. BEST PART. lols. anyway then went to meet peeps with her.. everyone actually thought i was going to be the last like.. but i was the first. MUAHAHas~ such a random. with the girls *like always boys are such losers* we went to grab bites and drinks. then went to meet the guys to catch movie? watched step up. totally rock. and then.. went to meet carmen and winnie after that to have a scrumptous dinner at newyork. I had PENNE. think half of the guys got it too.. but different kind ones. muahahs. and i was expecting chicken in it. but there was more VISIBLE veggies and mushys. *-* anyway.. ME.. CHAN SUIE announce that it was SOMEONE's birthday and ... newyork newyork actually gave her wine? we drank.. *exception for hamtaro.. dhana..and franz [ who in the end drank] .* oh and then straight weixin's face went flush red. laughs~*. hmms.. then it was random chatting / picture taking/ pooling cum fooling around. [ seems like newyork newyork have enough space for these going around activities. OH WELL~!hmms... went to check for kishen's pressie next. going to get him a crumpler. he was like.. hey its expensive. but we know he wanted it. He accepted it in the end [afterall its all our thoughts. ] and so most of them *guys* wanted to head back home. and left me/weixin/hamtaro/huiting. we went to eastpoint then hamtaro's home... slacked. picture taking and then because i need to head home... they left. sent huiting [ or rather she sent me ] then i got home. tired. and ate. bathed and then it was computer. wanted to do work.. but was really tough. Conferenced with mich/hamtaro for a few stuffs and then hearing quarrels from family again. Was like everyday?? gosh~ really running low these few days. KILL me man~ goshes~ lets say.. my wish now will be everything stop. every stuff away. and then let me have enough rest and sleep for as much as i can. =)Pictures will be up as soon as i can upload it fast. till then~

When whispers no longer survive;

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