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Thursday, March 20, 2008
@ 8:07 AM

These few days have been uber-routine and ultra Boring. =( anyway..currently.. have been really slacking. And missing much schools and lesson. like.. mr Goh has been sick and ms rahayu..*shan't comment much* Things have been going round in band and and.. some peeps have been uber-childish. Band been the usual but performing.. for the up-coming cultural night~ [ there's a secret performance but i am not telling or showing ] made a promise you see. Mr. goh have been most strict in choosing players for the concert.. Maybe because size of band has grown and well they are starting to inject discipline in band. *-^ coolest.and the latest posting in my section with BM : SLs : uniform ICs and Qms in place.Tomorrow's Good friday? going out with MOUSE AND HAMTARO. =] movie-shopping. just the girls~ woots. what a stupid post. just not in the mood.
liebe suie~

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