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Friday, March 14, 2008
@ 8:39 AM

Today was rehearsal for the peformance. Oh well.. hmm.. and finally i was early today compared to wednesday and thursday where i was late. *-* ~ Was surprise as most seniors [ secondary fours ] were early there too. =) hmm.. Planning to do something for the pieces..like swaying and so.. Then band practice started.. took some pictures of juniors playing .. they played well... and i hope the next syf they will achieve higher awards. =) hmm.. today was really damn tiring.. first we have to move the tables in the canteen.. set up and then move back and set up at sac. After lunch we packed and moved everything above to the porch.. and up on the bus we go. had much fun * also got bullied* and then reached Singapore poly! muahaahas... lmao~ same thing. moved the instruments, realised everyone went up? then left me there... oh well. like the stars said. even so i suddenly chatted quite well with ms ANG? was totally tiring. we moved everything to the auditorium.. and i realised that the lifts in Singapore poly.. totally retard. but still better than our school. okay quit this. then we knew we have to moved it down.. like... gosh.. up and down then up and down. HECK~ but well its for the BAND~ lols. when we were at the backstage.. [its really kinda small.. but not as what mr goh had said ] hmm.. band manage to squeeze through.. haha. but we hate The er*erms.. like heck and thanks for Mr.goh help back there... although its like.. i was used as an example?? laughs~* anything. =) din actually played well up there.. cause its like our instrument totally went to FLAT~ or FLatER~? aHH~
*-* Then for the finale... was the most dumb part actually.. and the song.. even more dumb.. but was kinda fun for the running.. which cause my thighs to bulge. =.= and also because band took a bigger space of the auditorium... we had to clean the mess others made.. but we admit... that...we make a mess too.. [ part of it ] lols. joked and then stayed for like only ten minutes more? just to accompany cher to watch the instrument. realised that ms ang got the same and colour too of crumpler as michelle. lols. and she said it was a gift from her good friend. and i told cher to get me one.. four years down the road... she said yes! lols. hahas. kiddings.. oh.. then moved the instruments up the truck i really wonder if the truck flew here... when just bout five-ten minutes ms ang made a call that the truck was at changi.. then it reached Singapore poly later?? lols.
And And safirah was so good to accompany me?! hahas.. lols. got a feelin' she want to play.. like GARY! lol.both my junior. same birthday somemore. must be same type. LOLAS~ hahas!
on the percussion bus.. it was like so cool?! very different.=) oh and something happen back there.. not gonna say cause may cause conflicts. =)
reached school and then helped to move Chinese orchestral's instrument. lols.
we did a *good job* i must say. -.- anyway. waiting for our truck to come. moved and really TIRED! after that went to mondi with them plus.. saw ms ang and her boyfriend.. oh how sweet eh? also returned romey money i owed. lols.Met momi later at ntuc. rushed with the groceries and then paid. got home with all those stuff.. which much shouting between me and my lil'sister like always. but its our way of communication.. really. we dont talk we shout. lols. funny? but yeah. hmm.. tomorrows tuition like oh sh!t.. double? okay nevermind. hmm.. oh well.. think i should go get tomy books. =)
i think..and ponder. what i live for? family... or friends.. or because i am destinied to do something.. and i had yet fulfill? =) may it last forever.. cause i still wanna see their faces. with those happy smiles.. i bring to my memories and for memorial. =)
P.S pictures will be up like.. maybe next two three days.


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