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Saturday, March 15, 2008
@ 2:59 AM

had a chat with Dhana and xueling just now. breif and quick.
=) anyway. today woke up late for tuition. because i fell back to sleep again after my lil'sister woke me. thanks and appreciated my lil'sister.
hmm.. anyway.. eushed thru' and wen to eastpoint to grab some bite cause i dont wanna eat the corn bread my momo got me until i have no choice. And then headed for tuition but stopped to get a drink.. was funny caused i had a milo dinosaur which is iced blended? anyway... such a coincidence that i met baobeiis there.. so headed to tuition together. chatted and completed much work. hmms..
after that.. looked around at the night market round 201. while waited for bus. got home and lunched. after that because of boredom snacked throughout non-stop till i i msned? like.. with some peeps. also the two of them. read some health and horoscope stuffs. gonna blast it tonight? see how?..
i wanna pick up so many stuffs. oh whatever. tsktsk~
LIEBE suie.


When whispers no longer survive;

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