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Friday, March 21, 2008
@ 8:08 AM

Today woke up earlier then the alarm set. So i decide to just lay there on my bed before getting up and get ready. Was like damn early before meeting them.. so REALLY took my time in preparing were candid-ed for like half an hour? hahs~ okay. then later met hamtaro at her house area.. before boarding the train and met mouse~ *-* Headed to Plaza singapura [ a change in plans] Was planning to catch a movie but we arent allowed to buy tickets and also because there were no good seats available? so we shopped for food and then headed over to cathy cinneleisure. got tickets from there and we sat on the sixth-floor doing candids too* pictures below ...we look SIXTEEN and matured? Wahaha. oh well.. after that because there was much time available we went back to plaza singapure and shopped. Was trying to get some cute lunchboxes but didnt. watched the movie and it was scary. Gruesome. heck~ thought of it. hmm.. then afterwards.. hamtaro had to meet her family for dinner so we splitted and with Mouse we headed to bugis. was like chit-chatting randomly also made Mouse regretting over a thing she bought. feel kinda bad. oh well.. shopped around randomly too at bugis street. Wanted to get stuffs but it was late and we are SERIOUSLY running low. *cash* and so we check out prices for certain stuffs. and made plans to go over there again next week? probably if we are free. =]. kekes~ Mrt-ed home next 'cos mumi say she din wanna drive me home. * its so okay * Happen to see marieann there? my old primary schoolmate. she looks better? as in.. there were peeps telling me she dont look good with over excessive makeups and all.. but i think she look okay today. with that skin colour of hers.. she Glamours~* =] thought of getting something but headed straight back home. was kinda tired you see.. oh wel.. and planned to blog today for today.. well.. just that's all? will update nicey for the next time. and for now peeps...Guten Abend~ Liebe suie~


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