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Sunday, March 23, 2008
@ 2:17 AM

DEBUG THE DEBLOGGER! oh whatever. Back home slacking once more. *Suspect i cant do any serious work at home. *doodles* woke up a few times and back to my kiki's dreamland again.. Breakfast was like - Zilch- thus wanted to have better for lunch but end up settling at bugis street..=.= Was there to get my flats. great deal [carmeny said ] Oh yes to those who know.. mumi lied to me again.. yes again~. Got my flats at like size...X.. then went to meet someone.. or rather..accompany someone.. FOX changed their season's collection.. was like only two days back the top i wanted to get was still there?? MOUSE we could go take a look at their new collection~!! Okay the got myself Oreo vanilla milkshake whoch taste good but.. slimey...? oily? -aftertaste- Still think - Oreo shakes/smoothies at reasonable price are hard to find.. Got back home and was feeling really tired.. OH and did i mention i got to know a kid that was so so adorable? end up he kept taking the store's shoes to let me try.. [ shoes that were reachable of his height ] I even cause him to be repromanded by his grandma...~AWWS~ poor thing.. ! i'm so sorry~ *pictures below* Bought chocolates for myself and Had Udong for dinner?? mixed the soup based.. not gonna have tummy ache?? Have been really slacking these days.. have i been repeating these words? i think so.. well. i think i am so so dead.. real dead. gotta go..shhs...~mainly made out of paper. LIEBE suie.no copying.

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