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Monday, March 24, 2008
@ 3:11 AM

Woots~ manage to find some time to blog before going for language class. Yes~ uh uh ...
And yes i woke up earlier than the time set.. heck?? so was like early upon reaching the school's bus-stop? anyway.. so while waiting read up on physics.. luckily i listened to huiting and bought the text book with me.. winnie then accompany me awhile.. and.. then left? she was so sweet to give me that giant pocky, oh =) .. so got to school like.. usual. Spa was like disastrous?? worked with winnie.. and i completely flunked.. *remembering what Mr.goh said* and plus what he said today.. GOSHes~ oh.. then it was recess.. all of us went back and saw our bags unzipped? [ some] mainly the first/third/fifth row. And and... my dear michelle.. lost 80 bucks..#^#&**&^%$#@#$%& Angela lost five bucks.. and branson.. his whole wallet.. kishen was very lucky to be carrying his wallet around. We too.. due to some reasons.. and she cried.. was like.. at loss?? bad bad.. ecperience.. seem like they aimed at peeps who carries crumpler bag? gosh....
suspects.. we wont say who to prevent conflicts. after that was maths then english. Was expecting that ms rahayu would nag and talk about the happening during recess but she din. and it was fun this time? we talked and discussed about public affections.. lols. kinda interesting in someway.. untill franz made some comments. *-* then after long and tedious chinese was magic show? was informed by hamtaro and mouse. we went to that show and did designing for clothes.. great fun afterall.. and we the W family! haha. after that went to mondi... chatted and got home? was like damn funny.. and today i almost got to trouble because of my Handphone.. heck. whatever. alrights pictures will be up like later? gotta pack and go le. bye peeps..
LIEBE.. suie~ support culturfal night. you wont regret!! i hope. =)
see ya..


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