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Saturday, March 29, 2008
@ 1:31 AM

Hello people.. yes you have predicted it.. suie cant be able to resist of not posting a BAND"s night. which was quite depressing afterwards. THAT IS 'afterwards' -didnt sleep much the previous night like i was suppose to cause i am going to perform??Cause it was my Girlfriend's birthday and how could i ever miss that? sung birthday song for her. in Bilingual versions. Cool? whatever. Then hanged up and proceed to my kiki'sdreamland. was friday and was really really expecting to have Physical education lessons.. when my teacher din come cause she had to make it for her JUDO's competition. *-*anyway.. so was free for entirely two periods and we used it to kinda 'celebrate' Ling's birthday..took pictures and watched her as she unwrapped all the pressies.. the look on her face. =) and and.. she ate michelle's cupcakes.. Delicious.. [ she deleted that picture. Darned!~] and and my favourite was that mouse.. you will see it multiple times in the pictures.then was chemistry.. the whole class thought we arent having practical and stayed in the class.. while that our very very hard-working xueling thought something was wrong and because she really wanted to have chemistry lessons, insisted on dragging me to look for the two lovely chemistry teachers of ours... up and down.. before we found them in the lab and knew that today was practical.. gosh.. *was actually tired to do spa~* recess ate and stuffs.. with carmen and josh and alvin. chatted.. found out that Alvin was a way better guy. that the other guy sux! Xp time arrived when we went to prepare for our rehearsal.. things were rushing ,shall speed up a bit here.. unlucky stuffs.. happening.. set of drumsticks broke. stands forgotten. wrong files. instruments left at school. and huge scoldings from conductor. he was really fierce. and cryings of juniors. -sobbs- luckily for bukit batok some were resolve.. also thanks to peipei.. really missed her and kaijing while they crapped and story-ed with me at the reception hall. =) performance.. started later on and everything went well.. some of us almost burst into laughters upon hearing friends shoutings... sorry guys for not responding cause we just got a warning from conductor.. Mr ee's speech was surprisingly fast for like the ..the.... first time?? cool... and so we went on the second half of our performance with people singing at the end of our song KOPI-O!! haha. was intervals.. so went to find the girls at the auditorium... took pictures.. at their cameras.. and and recieved a beaR~ from dadi's gang.. =)oh.. we cant watch the performance but thats fine.. and then it was the finale.. crap de.. and romey was like worrying about his sash.. like hello.. i dont even have. still i helped him to adjust it.. and it was fine. *-* oh oh.. and for the secret performance video i was not given permission to upload. sorry guys. Went back to school and was suppose to celebrate ling's birthday afterwards? but momi said no when she came back last night and we quarreled.. like heck~ she was unreasonable.. she even used me to go out late by saying waiting for me to my pa.. wtheck.. whatever. went home and shut the damn door. was actually then scolded by my dad cause of her. #&*# anything. randoms. then styed up awhile and bed-ed. while early in the morning smsed baobeiis~ both of them din replied.. only till like eleven? one replied.. like -erhs- neverminds.. did much in tuition despite i was weared out from yesterday. very glad.. went home and passed meny stuffs, realised some people can be damn pretentious. whatever. well.. i gotta go do my work cause may do some shopping later.. like hey.. i made a pronise to study? whatever .. kay people bye~ pictures below.

WIFE'S goodies
My bear, from some lovely peeps

me and hamtaro


Misses him nar.

my my my lil'brother. dont you dare touch him!



come dun be envious

dun be jealous

and dun be zealous


okay the truths out

love her



hamtaro and mouse. have to do intro... someone made it that they dont know who is mouse

dun give me that look. caution. my hamtaro is huggable.

okay,. that is just so me. i just cant stop. but hey. that is me. like it or not

very random. i forgot who took it. put it for courtesy


very very loving

they wont stop. so i wont stop them

i loved her just like everyone else. but i do much more then just saying. dont be jealous ah gong

she saw her own kind

i love both of them

if one day michelle really look like this i think i may go nutz she's too cute

god-damn. she is one ferocious eater

trying to clear evidence?

omg. pity? anyone?

sweetest sixteen

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.