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Saturday, April 12, 2008
@ 7:57 AM

today was like.. a big turnout?.. maybe to early to judge.. but i dont know.. just felt very happie.. and very glad about yesterday...evening/night. THANKS~ oh well.. Saturday~ haha.. had Mac breakfast with baobeiis.. and then head for tuition?? was slacking all the way through plus smsing.. then.. went to meet winnie and hamtaro.. saw Yhans at the bus stop.. shocked.. called her and chatted.. been quite awhile not talking to her?? whatever.. waited and they came.. bus-ed to Charles and keith warehouse ; they are having sales.. then bought some stuffs~ [got the same bag with hamtaro ] happy.. our little.. laptop bag / notebook bag / slim bag / file bag/ worksheets bag/ music scores bag/ song pieces bag / poly cum JC cum schooling bag / and the dont take up much space bag. =) happy~ then went to bugis.. got Daddy's stuff.. and walked around bugis. Winnie went to meet her BF.. and it was down to me and hamtaro.. we walked chatted.. went to get chocos.. haha , it was nice talking to her. she bought stuffs[vest].. i wanted to.. but none was suitable. oh well.. bought dinner and Mrt-ed home with her.. realised that i was such a bluber head.. STM.. was not a nice thing but at the same time kinda appreciate that i have it. More chit-chats and crappings.. [ seafood family] thought much stuffs..again.. Reached home at six plus.. while hamtaro went to meet her family at eastpoint. was kinda bored.. and ate my dinner.. hmms.. not planning to study.. but i know i needed to. A week's countdown.. soon it will be speechday.. then we will be leaving.. and then the midyear. the holidays. the laughter and toughness . The passing out. the 'O'levels. and then the breaks. the last meet outs. Birthdays. chalets. partying . working. smsing. But.. the thing is.. will we still last..?? i dont know. oh well.. till then peeps.. waiting... time after time. Chattings...LIEBE suie

When whispers no longer survive;

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