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Thursday, April 10, 2008
memore @ 8:29 AM

Oh people. Back again. like i have Miss blogging for.. A thousand years?? and so not gonna post events happening around the past few days. hmm?? Today.. was totally freaked.. when i woke up at like 5.25 am?? and i slept at 2.am?? goshes~ i must be crazy. A pretty good job not falling asleep in class today.. oh.. surprisingly. Did much work last night and it was kinda worth it? like.. woah i finish up today's homework like.. yesterday?? cool~ =] rights~ hmms.. anyway..
Today was the stepping down of prefects too?? was like kinda hilarious?? but at the same time bored in the sense that.. the last 15minutes was miss Santa's speech?? like.. goshs~ anyway.. back to class and was Chinese.. Randoms.. then it was double English..wasn't really playing the game but if people walk pass our class i think they might think i have. It was taboo.. i suppose most of you know how to play?? - is like an individual is given a word , that he/she must act or phrase it in another way to let others guess whats the word she/he gets. and it was like... the whole few..went.. suie likes too..... suie likes too... suie always...suie always... and i was like doing maths/teaching/reading not really caring.. and i keep hearing people calling me? when i realise.. it was SO how connected?? blahs~ tomorrows is the end of the inter-class competition?? and we planned to get our baby photos... lalas~ ugly me. =)
Band practice was like a bit of the usual is just that we started on a new piece because Mr goh does not want the secondary fours [ us ] to leave playing boring marching pieces [songs] and and how good he was?? lmao.. mentioning.. its like less then two weeks and its stepping down for the seniors? well gonna like start missing band?? hmm.. a part of me dont think it mattered.. but still there's a kind of attachment. oh well... i will really miss you guys? especially my juniors. gosh and Gary.. stop being that oh-so-not-you. it doesn't match you.. and DON'T FOLLOW THEM. they so fierce. not good not good. =) selfish me.. *-* oops. well well.. Band ended like kinda early went to eastpoint to get labels and envelopes. hahas. shhs~! hmm.. tomorrow's like nafa? don't really feel like running but still have too?? haha.. oh well.. maybe it rains tomorrow.. but band rehearsing outside?? arhs... see how the weather decides our fate. *-* kekes.. i think i gotta off this computer before i do any more damage, its like i on it because of that e-forum. shall not be on-lining for a certain period... so anything may contact me on blog by taggie. sms me. or just a phone call away. * might as well come find me right* lmao. alrights. gotta go. love suie.

* i din know it hurts like that ;
it was just too much ;
to see you walk away;
to see you talk away ;
to see you laughing away;
And it all matters cause the person is not me ;
and to know you dont even care ;
dont even seem to show any jealousy ;
And when i am not the one to be there ;
not the one you contact ;
not the one you would even talk to when its only me there ;
not because you dont know and i dont bother or i dont want to ;
it really hurts is because ;
you know, i willing too , but you dont want to ;
and i can tell you it really hurts.. so much that i just want to hold you tight and not let go ;
or to just walk away and hate you that much as i can hold ;
but whats the point when you dont even care, dont even look but just walk away ;
seeing your back view now is no longer like the past ;
is because in the past you acknowledge my presence and was leading me the way ;
but now you are giving me your back view is because you dont wanna see me again. ;
ignoring me. hating me. whatever it is to sabotage the image of me in you. ;
where was the time when we are that close ;
with that kind of bonding ; that atmosphere/silence and common thoughts ;
and the person who send me home.. even though you have to walk a lil'more. ;
the you , that you, have changed and changed. ;
i accepted once and once again.. and i din stop you ;
but now i totally regret because you have changed to ditch me out of your life;
i cant take it, just so you know. i really...am regretting... *


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.