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Sunday, April 06, 2008
@ 6:27 AM

ku lu ku lu kua kua ku lu ku lu kua kua~

whatever. Today woke up.. like.. early.. cause of my sister. oh..

:) today the moment i wake up, showered and eat my Yesterday's puff...

then snacked while on the phone.. And went to eastpoint with weixin.. cause i wanted to post something and she wanted to bake. So its goes like that.

Anyway. Gonna get my juice and books like tomorrow? Thanks to michelle.. **

Today did not much cause kept eating and snacking

despite all the weight gain i seem not to regret on my actions. i feel like killing myself? whatever.

*sighs* things have been happening and i wish to not think/mention/bother about it. But school's like tomorrow.. like how?? i hope things will really get better. i hope.

Slacking has been like one of me.. hates~ muggs~...

hmms.. randoming. very very... not in the mood~...wahlalas...

LIEBE suie.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.