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Saturday, April 05, 2008
@ 5:23 AM

today was like not the same anymore... people changed , views changed.. and i've changed. was like walking and saw people shooting the simei grounds... only got to tke the picture below. the stand of the camera. Whatever. Was tuition. was early. And expected expected. hmm..Later then rained.. met hamtaro and studied and ate mac... after that she went off and went walking around. Then went to yamaha to see carmen... but the door was shut? so i waited.. called..smsed? she din reply, even she straight finished her ballet. called she din answer.. untill winnie called.. and winnie even jokingly said.. maybe she see your name she dont wanna pick up ... the moment she finish her sentence... carmne picked her call... i was like... erms??then winnie ask whether she wanna meet me or not... The story goes.. and then.. with my milo Mcfurry.. i went home... Slacked.. and then showered. Was like pretty down.. moments..xuelinglings.. called. chatting now. going to do work later? or really concentrate all the way tomorrow? let see.. or perhaps .. not gonna sleep again... *sighs*...whatever. i just wanna go away.. to my faraway land.. as my wish is almost complete..Fatty Fatty bom bom.. today cannot go HOMe.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.