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Monday, April 21, 2008
all those memories @ 9:04 AM

found some unteresting shorts i wrote in the past.

Purplester. sodalicious. white chocolates. Fetish.
i'm vicious;
never aimless;
always going forward;
and never looks back.that's me and i know it.and i dont need you to have it.
'cos then that would be two me.no individuality ;
but the two-of-a-kind.=) smiles;
look upp; i will be there; be vanilla loved; suie <3

i just discovered that dreams are meant to come true;but hopes and wishes aren't;thus, fantasies are created;that are not meant to be done.
=]Loves suie. how i wish that power don't change one's character.and people will just live life till the fullest with a contented heart.
=]signed off deeply.

'' you've gave me the world; yet none is what i want ''
'' just give me a chance to die; a hope to live; and never say ____ bye ''
'' you meant so much to me ; and gave me the will to live....... ''

''bin' flipping through the pages;
searching for an unknown answer;
reading like a crazy reader;
and poring through all the unknown questions;
i just wanna have the truth;
all the answers to my every questions;
and yet.....and yet...."
*-* suie *-*

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.