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Saturday, April 19, 2008
@ 8:24 PM

Uhs sorry peeps didn't manage to blog 'bout yesterday and the day before yesterday.! =) and because of ican.. will post the post first and then pictures later above! okay on the 18th of april.. which is speech..day~ was physical education.. which was totally tiring? and hilarious.
=) worst game played by the way... =) but we enjoyed. Chemistry test was a total flunker~ the question that came
out wasnt even what we all had studied. except for the extremely clever ones that somehow know those un-taught
stuffs. *-* Speechday was next. Went to Eastpoint with hamtaro and weixin.. some er-hems* stuff happen. [not
gonna mention it here ] and then went on to get long john. Hom-ed and ate.. rushed and then momi drove me and
hamtaro back to school. Changed and awaited for the speechday's parade to start. we sort of got force to eat/drink
on the spot while in the squad... *-* goshes. hmms.. then parade started. Was like actually expecting a lot of things to
happen. [formation] like that time , but it din happen. =( oh well. it ended fast and quick. our LAST performance?
yepps.. and i'm really missing it. Cried and stuffs.. bondings are really showed? somehow. was really happy that i got
hugs and pictures and speeches from everyone. i am very touched. okay the words to repay are at above! and i got
several gifts.. an anime from joeyi , M&Ms from ivan lee , Muffins from safirah , a cute lil'mirror/kechain from lydia ,
a few smses- from those thoughtful juniors. and thanks for all the precious last hugs. i will miss them so so so oh-so
much...=) okay then it was clebrating and stuffs...after eating and everything, walked to northpark.. then walked
michelle home.. and then bus-ed home.:) Was really tired out that i dozed off straight. *cools* The next day , which was yesterday? tuition-ed.. [ ivans and cheng missed it ] like.. ]went home then planned to head over to vivo cause gonna run some errands for momi. =) oh well.. met carmen and
kamal , weixin , arran. [ they were going to hengyu's party??] oh well.same destination so might as well. okay.. din
planned to go there. *-* bought and got my stuffs.. then was like.. erms.. kamal and arran was like.. not in da mood. And apparantly carmen
and weixin quarrelled in the morning. so they need someone there. Decided to drop by , needed to get something for
heng yu? got him some thing cute and then cabbed over. *-* the cabbie was a real.... ****** he dont even know how
to spell keppel bay??? whatever. cost me six bucks. reached and totally tired. the yatch wasn't that big , but it was
cool. placed my bags and got into some fun? [ oh and hengyu's godma was really polite?] stayed awhile to take some
pictures and stuffs.. [ weixin / carmen/hengyu was hogging on my camera. and returned to me like morning?]before
dragging them off to accompany me home. for some reasons its kamal and arran. *-* *F**r** oh whatever. cabbed
home which cost us.. erms.. && then was suppose to call in to conference and play viwawa but didnt. sorry guys.. slept/slacked. looking at pictures. i actually accompanied peeps to stay up the whole night. whatever. Morning was
called down to bedok for breakfast. =) ate roti prata actually only planned to eat one? but kamal ordered two for me
and i finished it?!goshes... hate it. took pictures/crapps.. went over to hengyu's house for a moment. they packed stuffs. :) and then
bus-ed home. then saw my aunt and uncle... was like a bit shocked? and then... hmm.. my lil'sister was like
comparing her size and mine? was quite sad and idiotic.. cause she is slimmer then me now? and still says that she is
fatter then me. heck.. oh goshes... bye peeps. okay gotta start work again. bye peeps.. pictures below.

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