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Monday, April 21, 2008
Ran / Run / Escaped @ 7:57 AM

alrights.. some may know and some may not know. *-* oh okay.
not gonna make this post a depressing one either.. caus ei know there will be peeps ... yupps.. whatever. *-*
Today morning didn't started quite well.. and uhs.. i have a few juniors to say sorry to , for having THAT shock. and to a few peeps , mainly to those who helped me [ where some childish.. eh... whatever ] oh well.. since they dont read my post but judge me for my photos so.. i will blog my things. was newspaper reading.. was like surprised.. i can't finish my paper.. lols. skipped recess , but went down for lunch.. talked to michelle 'bout stuffs.. and to those who wonder.. isn't about the recent thing we were quarrelling about. well.. and sort of like shouting when winnie thought we were quarrelling.. lols. hmms.. Chinese was like..- zilch - absorbing information. all the peeps were like.. listless , tired and spaced out.. and apparantly the teacher knows it. haha. =) meeting her on like friday..a maybe?? *-* hmm... have been slacking much nowadays... :x kekes... ~
after school went to meet mouse/hamtaro.. kamal and arran joined. afterwards chenghoo joined too. Went to burgerking.. saw my sister?? and then ate there with them.. was like... not doing much work cause end up chatting our time away.. and for the first time i think... they were more into studies than me.. laughs~* i think i am really gone~ *poof*... Work hard ! come on!.. laughs~* ... *-*
untill late nine plus.. went to get some stuffs.. and walked home? and forgotted my lil'sister's drink.. yes she shouted.. -.- oh.. so i accompanied her.. to do routine? halfway she went home.. due to nature call.. and and... i have to go home when i was starting to enjoy it. goshes~ what a freak i am. !! *-*
realised i have scratched myself.. i dont even feel that pain.. lols.
really am afraid the erms.. will go away... heck... hms.. oh well... gotta go shower? i am like sweating all over. takecare peeps! HAsse suie. Cause i no longer am being LIEBE.. but Hasse.. well anyway.. Chus~
* To think it can just fall apart that way , that all so long years , to think i have beared.. and it just made me disappointed yet again. *
* i swear it to be last. but can i do it? maybe... *


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.