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Sunday, April 27, 2008
fail. @ 3:49 AM

today.. was totally *mission fail* i have not complete Social studies. but well manage to do a worksheet and thats all.. hmms.. today ate quite a lot... no control at home.. am tad too bored you see.. oh well.. talk about yesterday after tuition was like searching for the charger.. erms.. he wanted.. then went to meet hamtaro and others at airport to study? in the end didn't study much.. okay is like -Zlich_- lols. played and walked around.. eat an humongous bowl of icecream... we took about one hour to finish??! uncredible.. and the two guys... even failed at this one.. laughs~*.. consider the amount of pictures took.. mostly by Hamtaro.. she likes to take pictures too , noticed long ago.. lols. hmms.. then till night me and hamtaro went to eastpoint to grab some bites and head home. reached home slacked, bathed and sleep.. got into some talking with my momi.. rarely.? oh well.. hmms.. okay back to today? after which called mich for some *not really tips* but help, which did helps a lot. if one day i got A for social studies , that would be her help that aided me.. well she may feel she din help out lot but she did. =) then snacked.. *think i am gonna be sick* and blogging now.. videos still not gonna be uploaded.. only pictures.. considering the amount of tim wit is going to take.. wait till my exams are over. *smiles* for now.. only i enjoy watching the videos.. muahahas. kekes* kiddings... oh well.. people.. hate it when i had to post fast/quick/brief .. cause its a bore to others as well as myself.. promise for better post till the next whatever time.. Toodles~ Hasse SUIE ()()((()()(()()))()))()92

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