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Friday, April 25, 2008
doodles @ 6:51 AM

this is going to be.. posts and more posts~ whatever..
lets start from?? haha.. okay.. wednesday.. i only remember i went to get a new phone? laughs~*.. if any wonder? its the k660I.. and not the cyber shot de.. okay?? well.. then went shopping for my sister's stuff then ate and Mrt-ed Home..
Thursday.. was totally tedious cum hilarious... We have to clean he tables during assembly.. was like sh!t cause my table was like doodled?? HUI TING! LMAO.. then went on reading my book blahs.. memory fading?? then it was english lessons again.. Taboo was the game. and it was damn hilarious went reach till branson. he was like.. F**K... You fool and then where is Mew Two.. the pokemon,, Mew two.. heck?! haha.. everyone was like laughing? even Ms rahayu? she laughed until she wanted to reprimand branson for his vulgar also can't.. haha.. :)

After that went home to change before meeting ivan guys.. for seoul garden?? haha.. was like only me and ivan reached the mac?? when we realised they were at tampinies mall? haha.. whatever. then we ate while playing and waiting for jorsche to come.. took pictures as well as videos? i uploaded the pictures videos... maybe later.. haha.. and we are like gonna attract all the attention if that day was like filled with peeps? lmao.. the pot was like.. Smoking? smoke filled i should say.. plus they put ice-cream onto the grill thingy~ lmao..:) oh well... shopped around/walked around... send safirah to take her bus and went to mine too.. homed and the rest was forgotten..
Today.. physical education we skipped 2.4km run? hmms.. din sign up for the games too.. haha...
but well.. yepps~ :) okay then was Spa? oh well.. did fairly for it.. and then...was geography , quiz was like open boook but i totally forgot.. got only like.. erhs.. better not say..:) after school met michelle and then went on to find Mrs tang.. haha.. asked her some stuffs.. realised zhi wei and elaine was also with us.. hahas.. after which Mrs tang had to leave for a meeting till five me , mich and kamal went ot catch a movie plus got chocos for Mrs tang. :) got wrappers and then went back to school. Waited for Mrs tang while we wrapped it and passed it to her.. she asked is to buy it. as she needed? lmao.. looked for Mr farizal as well.. got back my paper was like. a total disaster? what the heck.. but *sighs* getting really stoopier lately... stoopid piggy me.. hmms..
then ended session with mich , bought food and drinks while she walked me to the bus stop. okay.. hom-ed..and then.. ate .. showered and stiffs.. before updating blog and so.. lols.. oh well.. think i gotta go? a distraction.. hmms.. byes~
Hasse Suie.

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