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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
a kid with no brains @ 12:58 AM

okay finally, maybe i really find the need to blog all these.. and time?? feeling i have been a real failure all this time.. regardless to friends , studies or whatever.. things hasnt been.. great.. that great... Knowing that i haven been doing well for my SA1.. its kinda like hopeless for me when teachers are givng up on me.. oh crapps.. today went to school later then usual as i need not take science chemistry paper.. but went for emaths paper two which apparantly din went well either.. *sighs* after schooll went for chemistry... then accompanied ling for amaths and lunch. walked and chatted.. she seems so stressed out.. *-*.. hms... then heade to eastpoint.. grab my inks.. and magaz--hunted.. din get any but flipped through, and yes i saw smitten... smaller... A5 perhaps?? hmm.. also official.. still those models.. and 8-days.../bazaar.. yepps.. wanted to see female.. although i got last month's one?? haen even ripped it open yet... carry on.. went home , gesh.. ** my lil'sister friends was over-powering her roomie.. went to the kitchen for some peace.. instead.. [ my roomie was just across her's ] *oh gosh... they are pillow fighting now... and its day-time?? *
some yesterdays i wanna blog here..

as some know my dadi.. aint home..

went to mac yesterdays.. to study also din complete much.. or rather helped much..

" my heart was aching , when i was smiling at him...
it was the countless time he had repeat his words...and what he had said moments before..
as he walked around the house , pacing , looking and remiscing...
i guess... he knows it , and i , who was sitting in the middle of the house knows it clearly too..
together we see, turn and chatted.... all i had in my thoughts was that i am gonna miss him so much...truely , dearly and forever.
and this forever is going to be so long, that long and damn long...
Til' the day i die... i will never forget and to be pass down and down through my veins and heart . my soul and touch . My words and story. "

For i love him for all i can , more then anyone else.. [except for my lil'sister]
admire/adores/liebe/whatever that means kinship love.
and i am so gonna marry someone like him.. oh goshes..
to my one and only -Dadi_bear-
And thy song for this HURT by christina aguilera..

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.