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Thursday, May 22, 2008
drop it~ love it @ 8:15 AM

peek-a-Boo... haha.. laughs~* dont know why i am laughing when just know i almost had a nervous breakdown for my chinese lols. hmms.... today was like the second last day of coaching? and then three more days to chinese O level. damn stress!! hmms.. oh well.. today din do much but read a lot and did only one compo.. okay no half compo! lols. and i spent three hours okay?! heck~ lols. hmms.. was totally random. oh and i realise two things. one , peeps that are near their death dont really still know what's good for them. Two , didnt realise that both of you.. are so.. oh gosh i really shouldn't say but let your conscience bite at you... but do you guys have? oh well..i din mention who but if you reply means you admit. so better sont my 'FRIENDS' .. tralala~ oh well.. today eanded coaching tad late. Cause was like bothering mrs tan and mr kiong. lols.
haha.. stayed til bout eight? then accompanied mich get her dinner [ also for her family ] and then .. went to photocopy stuffs.. which in the end din succeed.. =.= thus bought some stuff to snack on. lols. took the bus with xinyi which also i saw mrs tan.. din expect her to be there.. hmms.. well.. then chatted with her.. blahs.. random.. homed/ate/showered. was like. i dont wanna do chinese-kinda-mood. but still did.. [ finished a gong han before this.] =) but not really proud about it. lol =.= hmms.. later gotta rush two more compo? oh and the photos above? cool aint it ... the water melon so small. so cute. haha. =) *-* kkays
i gotta go le peeps. takecares and all the best. muackies~ hasse suie.

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