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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
*chik*chak @ 4:52 AM

its been... SOOOOOOOO long since i last post my... erhs proper post?? whatever??
hahas. its been so damn tiring.. [ and guess this applys to everyone to ] having to do mother tongue like morning to evening non-stop?? lets go bonkers...!!
Today was like total sh!t... din finsih my compo on time.. then din do the comprehension too?? rushed it like when we are going through.. and today mrs tan got quite fed up with some of the peeps which i think they bought it to themselves?? hmmpfs?? lols.. its like.. they dont know her temper , or are they just gullible?? whatever. hmms.. lunched as usual.. really missing huiting tad bit..
and and.. was really getting a tummyache. heck~ after that got to stay back because i din finish my compo.. and the girls wanted to stay back too. [ a bit different because today mrs tan changed the stay back rules in detaining the band fours and threes..] not us?? o_O hahas. but some of us still stayed .. probably wanting to get that A? well who doesnt?? after that went down to check on band... things seemed fine.. but not as what i heard so... hmms.. i really do hope that band doesnt fall after our batch , although we din actually did as well as our seniors. Well for those in band.. ALL THE BEST KAYS?? hahas. oh well.. then afterwards accompanied michelle to get her dinner [as well for her family] then walked to the bus-stop with the usual peeps. chatted while the bus came. was a squeeze.. damn~ was really tired so everything doesnt matter much.. hmms.. oh well.. and thanks for sending me home now and then , although i am fine alone. but appreciated. =) *smiles* okay i shouldnt be on the computer too long now i guess?? hahas. O levels coming. jia yous everyone. takecares. LIEBE suie hasse suie.
P.s gonna change blogskin?? -hammy.


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