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Friday, May 23, 2008
gelegentlich @ 1:28 AM

is this a maybe or what? laughs~* =.= okay.. today was the last day of coaching. well but i still felt that i was not totally prepared for the Biggie O there. hmms.. anyways. today over there , i had the feeling it didnt actually ended as well [ or as what it should be ] like it shoud be. hmms.. was like.. dont know? maybe too sensitive bahhs. **** oh well.. was planning to find Mrs tan but she said at Four in the afternoon? hmms a bit tad too late .. oh well i think i will call up peeps. should be better? *wondering* oh goshes... hmms.. anyways.. then after school was totally in a loss.. really.. totally brain dead.. teared.. and oh.. i dont wanna mention.. then accompanied mich and ling.. [ not much with mich ] then went to eastpoint to get some stuffs and ate. home-ed and was totally bored. VERY. *-* but read my book and gotten some rest . so it was fine though. hmms.. now onlining for a reason. and well.. gotta find some info [ as well as blogging ] oh and my lil'sister crept into my roomie and did something crazy over my *motivate me* paper. like the one on top? lols.. big words are written by me. smaller/tinier ones by her. gosh.. How can she?!~ lols. and i am gonna take down the window grids and panes.
oh well.. gotta drop it here. now. Chus~ hasse suie.
p.s kindisch peeps. stop doing kindisch things. oh . cant blame.. [kindisch]


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