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Thursday, May 29, 2008
Roll-over-dover @ 6:23 AM

Today woke up later.. but still make it in time to met siewmin at bus stop and mich at gate.. * although she walked in today* ... okays. started with chemistry.. well kinda bored but survived it.. *very proud* lols. oh well... then was late for physics lo. Me and winnie thought that we were like gonna be reprimanded by M.R goh but.. nopes in the end.. we did Spa 3 , which we design/construct an experiment and then do it. while we identify mistakes and modify.. or we make conclusion which is the lab report!.. coolness.. lol.s and they found it easier then chemistry's one.. lmao!. afterwards was the long long break. [ wasnt long in the end] cause we met up with mich/huiting/hamtaro. at mondi? then chatted while i tagged along with mich&hamtaro. for their oral. *hahas but i am still going for the one on the 5th* yeahs~ supers~ haha. kkays back to the roll-over-dover. well.. was late for the data-logger thingy but wasnt scolded.. well i went in and was late UN-NOTICED. *surprised* lols. then head on playing our group got complimented. *xueling/angela/winnie/me* okay its mostly their job cause i do the printing only *-* sorrys~ haha. then we are let off early? yeahs~ afterwards me/winnie/huiting then went to pasir ris park. lols. we then rented skates and skated?? haha.. many things happen.. and laughed like hell?! it was a laughing exercise.=) haha.
yeahs.. okay took a considerable amount of pictures. and uploaded below. so take a look if you want . just dont laugh. haha. *awws i din take those FALLS* haha..
CHUS peeps.~ tomorrow's another long day. *muack*

What happened?

our skates. me/winnie/huiting

super retard
very moron-nic

winnie then joined...


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.