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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Rains.. @ 2:47 PM

Well this started off yesterday. hmms.. after coaching. which was like very random/bored/waste of time. {we had four hours of intensive english coaching} imagaine! then...head on home to bath/change/ not-much-of-a-eat. cause gonna go for roller blading agains. =) was like enjoying all the moments. hoping for not-a-rain-day. well good enough when me ,hamtaro,moussy , vannz tan , romey and chenghoo had reach there. as it was not supposingly raining. with our happie and glad faces we crapp and somehow rented the bikes {as the roller-blades were not available } and then rode around. it was fun? and chenghoo totally felled two times.. Moussy did all the shouting and scaring While vannz and romey was giving us occasionally shocks.and MIA cases. Me and Hamtaro did some scares and a sucessful *hive five* thingy. haha. a pity we couldnt have it *took* down by Camera. *smiles*. oh well, back to the picture again. hmms.. after an hour it started to rain? we thought it was gonna be over soon , but still we rode for shelter which is back to the rented place. and it came pouring?? no choice we have come to a decision of returning the bikes?? *cries* waste of our money!! hmms...

then head on , walking kinda slowly , back to downtown?? Clean/dried ourselves while the guys headed to somewhere cooling. hmms.. join them and moments when we leave , we coincidently banged onto marvin. Said hello and we moved on. then found somewhere to eat/slacked/rest. while heading on to get some drinks. random slacking/walking we went to E-Hub. was kinda bored there? but we sat at a corner and chatted, with romey and cheng hoo somehow entertained us. *-* =)

rights~ took pictures and videos. { we actually planned to do lotsa stuff but no money} lols. and the worst was we saw Gelare** and you know what. its a tuesday ... {half price} but no we went to a stoopid expensive foodcourt . lols. poor them.. well i sorta ate a bit only cause i;m having dinner at home. *kekes* lalas~

oh well... continuing...~Bus-ed home with them. chatted. laughed. oh well.. and reached home... was really tired so i din blog? also because i din felt so to?? i dont know why? hmms.. kkays.. ate and bathed then shortly afterwards.. my lil'sister ranged me up asking me to later run down to help her pay cabbie fare~ =.=

lols. okays so it was really tired?? then xling ranged me up cause angela's computer was like.. *died* so we had to somehow settle it.. lols.kkays. hanged.. and i am really UBER tired. sh!t. then read my book got some money from mumi., and head to my dreamland!! {before that i had a short message from moussy} lol. kkays.. met her in dreamland. lols. its my LALA land. bye peeps..

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