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Friday, May 30, 2008
Absolute freakin' @ 4:45 AM

I am damn damn irritated. *dont ask me why* ~GRRS~
today went to school as early as usual , but well huiting/mihc/hamtaro came later cause need not to come earlier. oh well.. met with winnie. plus got shocked by xueling and then together we walked to school.. somewhat , something hilarious happen. while we saw amos just behind us.. xueling *without knowing* scolded amos.... and we then tell her he was behind us only... lols. whatever. headed to school , waited and chemistry lessons begin. continuosly for two hours but it seem to pass so fast?!... just like O levels just a blink's eye away.. like everyday's time. *sighs*
oh well.. then was break? met with them then chatted and headed in school for maths. Was fun? hamham was late.. lols.. then we did integration which was like killing us?! oh well.. afterwards was lunch.. dont feel like eating but got myself milo and waffle. lols. had to fill that tummy somehow. Cause break was one hour so we sat and chatted, we then saw Mrs Ng out for lunch. Seeing her alone we went up, she was like {shocked} ?! lols..then say we were there so she cant have her meal lols.. we then stayed awhile and left, while huiting&xuelingling was still there. Maths lessons started a few moments later. and it was TAD boring. really is. but forced ourself to do work.. but until the last one hour The five of us gave up, and left only mich & angela doing. Mind they are hardworking!~ hmms... then started doodling. while huiting and winnie started doing *hand Tattoos* lols. couldnt take pictures of what huiting drawn on me. cause its two thumb combination { which means i have no more spare hands to spare for taking of pictures} lmao! oh well.. back here. afterwards then headed to the library to return book(s) with mich.
headed to brows magz and then home-ed. Manage to showered then went on to meet xueling. {suppose to pass her memory card} She was at the home-ac roomie? well while going up i realise the cleaner was like thinking no one's up there? thus i told her there is and she din believe???
well.. in the end she locked everything when i ran down to inform her, meaning i din reach the ground floor. funny thing was, the NPCC's were there too.. and stuck too. *-* oh well.. in the end ran up to tell Ms lina, and then she still continued with her students and O level praticals. well i din waste my efforts too cause i had a part to get to eat the food.. which turns out {if hot} nice. helped a bit, but not really. then went out and saw the cleaner on the ground floor? i shouted to her. then think she opened the shutters and let us go off.. =) then with WIFE, we headed to get drinks and then to bus stop. We saw Ms lina there again =.= well... chatted and at the same time our buses came. so me and my WIFE went home at the same time. lols. home SWEET home. ate dinner and then on-ed my computer for some reasons. also found it irritating as a info came. Gosh~ are peeps trying to kid me or what~ grrs~ grow up people!!
well i think i gotta go off and do my work? before i sleep kinda late again.. sadds. well peeps..
its done here, nothing more. Lastly , suie is gona to do what she promise for this once. REALLY.
please i hope i can. i wish / hopes.
P.S. why did you revert back again. i really miss that you, that one and only YOU.


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