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Monday, June 02, 2008
one mintue - save those MOUSE @ 6:41 AM

haloha! lols.. { given only one minute to blog} hahas. oh well. starting of coachings again.. three days and it will be over?? seems quite fast dont you think so?? tomorrow will be going roller-blading with some peeps *perhaps* haha.. i think it would be pictures fulfilling again. *smirks*... today's coaching -mainly humanities- lols. social studies was up first.. apart from the human throwing about part..{we were like walking back and forth to find our class} its was quite good { time passes fast } and was quite tedious cause i dun have the text book i resorted to copying. lols. kkays. afterwards break and geography. was like going up and down?? lols.. then found the whole class.. was like late for 'bout 15 whole minutes?? glad miss TAN wasnt there? if not.. *deep Sh!T* lola. *-* hmms.. time passes real fast. then went home afterwards. and took a nap. Realising that time/money is gone in just a wink? believe or not?! sh!tty. lols. i'm almost broke.. think i am gonna work agains~.. *sighs* tiring.. lols.. okays just craps..here.. got only one minute you see.. cant waste.. lols. kkays. stopping. tomorrow shall be a better day cum post! see yer!
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