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Saturday, May 31, 2008
@ 11:57 PM

hey hey.. was like quite tired out yesterday. lols.okay. yesterday.. was actually tuition first , and then was Bukit batok's concert?? well, after tuition went home, { ivan wasnt with us for some reasons} hmm... oh well.. napped and then called moussy and hamtaro.. they were shopping and so was gonna met hamtaro later before heading to meet all the seniors.. {she forgot me!!}lols.. kkay dont get offended. hmms.. well then mrt-ed to meet all of them. shopped around for some gifts//etc~oh well.. then later did some stoopid stuffs. then headed to meet the juniors.. lols.. well we waited for some of them before leading them to NAFA. which is where BBSS is performing. oh well.. kinda rushed cause time was low.. and many sort of* mishaps happened.. lols. shan't say much anyway =X Saw mrs Ng alone. then asked her to join us. hmm.. we found seven empty seats. just right! hahas. okay. totally enjoyed the performance. but regretted cause didnt record/video-ed the song i wanted. so damn nice. and and OUR guest players and THEIR alumniis did well! good job! =) *smirks* afterwards waited for KING romey and then headed to eat. lols. most shops are closed but we still manage to eat. lols. afterwards got rockery and sat somewhere around where we chat/slacked/laughed. damn hilarious. lols. hmms.. took pictures and went back home. MRt-ed.hmms.. afterwards was ETC agains~ haha.. and i really love my lil'sister, dears and forever.okays.. next about today! nothing much just kept on snacking. if only everyday could wak up like today's timing i would be #$*%$#$%^& haha..loves~hearts~ all of you guys...Hasse suie~

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