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Saturday, June 07, 2008
strings~ @ 8:02 AM

Skipped tuition today , *blehs* bad girl. =) kkays. slept till like the afternons?? woke up and the house was like empty? {exception of my sister} lol... washed up and did what i did always. Today was like suppose to start my work. End up i went to accompany my lil'sister and watched *the princess and the pauper* okay.. we are still kids. Soon she left and i went to get breakfast. came back.. continued to watch the television and did not do much work . rested for bout hafl an hour went it was six.. then got changed and went to meet my lil'sister at bugis. Ate/Shopped/chatted. Sometimes she can be sucha good accompaniment but a lil'... oh well.. lets not talk much about that. got quite a number of stuffs.. and money is officially gone!~ *sadds* hmm.. but was a done deal Mission fail? cause its like.. out of the three need to get items on my list.. i only kinda fulfilled one?! gosh.. means of all those stuff.. all is not necessary.. okay girls can be sucha sucker at shopping. lol. But that is what girls are made for. * i really pity the guys*. =) *smiles*.Oh and today and yesterday. i had what those guys said was. a *dejavu*? lol..

oh and and.. i found something so damn hot ... { hot korean guys who sings/speak in chinese}

TOTALLY! GOoGOoGaGa... and the band name was... something~junior M.. lol. haha.. loves~

oh well.. i think i shall stop here bah. good bye peeps..~ loves

Hasse suie.

P.S today was sucha lighten singing mood. i wrote some lyrics. =) lmao~


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