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Friday, June 06, 2008
unexpected and non-explainable @ 8:34 AM

Hey ho!! Today was a much laughter-filled day , awesome and FOUR-some. =) yet sadly if you arent here you wouldnt know. because there were much
not to be told. *smirks* =) early in the morning, was woke up by my handphone's alarm?? but i went to shut it. moments later then realise.. 'oh i din on
the power supply , which suppose to charge my handphone' LOL~ so i pull myself up and when to on the switch~~.. =.= called/smsed moussy~ din reply
nor answered? i guess her oral wasnt over bahh~? so i went on reading my book.. was like suppose to meet her at 10.30 but yet.. i wasnt even out of
bed , fully prepared/washed up to meet her at round ten??! lols. then ivan TAN called *surprised* {cause the night before he said he couldnt make it}
oh well.. he asked us whether are we having breakfast, {and yes we are} so he joined? afterwards i called arran and contacted moussy~ finally*** lols.
=) then arranged to meet her and ivan TAN at eastpoint's bus stop. afterwards.. arran joined too.. lols. went rounds about eastpoint and then finally
decide to settle at long john? lmao~... ate / chatted.. then went over to my house { only arran din came } watched television.. and then both when into
my roomie~ chatted.. and then started doing Emaths.. lol.. while.. ivan TAN went to play my lappy~ lols. afterwards we are like quarreling upon the
songs played.. singing..~ lols. and all proceeded to play the lappy~ lols.. we went to read xiaxue blog~ laughed like sh!T.. you guys should go read lo..
the part where she thought about the punishment for the criminals~~~ gahhs~~ lols. *-* afterwards we had much joy browsing through blogs and
friendsters.. shhs~ and through Moussy we found out something that was hilarious and at the same time unbelievable~ lols. *shrieks* I WANNA TELL
THE WHOLE WORLD especially to cassandra!!..how can it be?!~ plus i thought you commented moussy~...... lol. moments later ivan TAN was about to leave soon.. so we persuaded him not to leave
hahas~ and guess what he did!! sometimes he is sucha darling~ and of course sometimes you just wanna smack him on his face/head. like what i did.
lols.. {a pillow} lols. which later~.. chenghoo came over to join us , just nice when we are having a small picnic party over in my roomie. what luck~ but so sad he is going to have dinner over at his aunt's house so... too bad.. but in the end he got eat a bit lo.. =) .. okays then we played Big two.. for like lotsa rounds.. which is how we knew that ivan TAN din know how to play , we taught him and was fairly quite easy/manageable.. i must say he is a bit og a fast learner.. but uses wrong kind of mentality/strategy to play the game..*smiles*. oh well.. we decided to let him get the hang of it and played/coached him quite a few rounds with many many laughters that were like.. hard to phrase it out.. and the momentem was.. he actually won us one round .. without we teaching/guiding. *-* LOL... we laughed like... ~ lol.. we own the whole house.. ^-^..yeahs~ haha...din took pictures so cant say much! * smiles* =) yeahs~... lol.. 'bout six-plus~ ivan's mumi~ called...so we delayed.. and we went over to eastpoint to have dinner. {with our bloated tummy } haha. they had pizza.. i had my red bean thingy.. { was too full/bloated} hmm.. then after accompanying them.. went home.. and was like 3-2-1 *pom* i fell asleep.. lols. ten i woke up.. replied messages and ate. called Moussy and chatted, soon ivan TAN joined the call and conference.. lol.. talk for while and MOussy's handphone~ died off.. lol.. so we changed to call MY handphone.. lol.. but ivan said he wanted to sleep so no HEI YAN QUAN. lols~~~~~ =.= kkays.. lols.. kkays.. so now still chatting and going on.. lols. ahhaakkays i think i gonna go off le.. concentrating.. *shhs*.. P.S.. i know i am bad, but to you its true.. a but of pity , and a bit of wanting your care. *as a brother*. =)..


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