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Thursday, June 05, 2008
~shhssh~ @ 3:43 AM

so its has been a day? yesterday din manage to sleep well for some reasons.. well... afterwards..
was like oral? hmms... oral practice to be exact. oh well.. was with jacjac , yhans.. and my nu'er..{karen} kk.. was pretty -soso-... as mrs tan was like going fast and briefly.. hmms~ OH WELL TOUGH LUCKIE.. then afterwards was tad bored? so went for a movie.. and chatted. missed secondary three's concert.. hmms.. and well.. cause there was something on. =)
oh well.. back to here. The next part of chonicles of Narnia was nice? oh.. yea.. and HOT!.. lol.
Moments later the show ended. Chatted and got home ? { also got my chocos floss} haha.
nice~ lols. hmm.. and now doing some stuffs that was requested.. i suppose his/her name was on that particular post if i missed it , tell me i will do it agains. =) { oh dun get offended , i am just playing } kkays. oh well.. back here. hmms.. was like nbeing such a brainless kid -or rather- memory-less kid... i forgot to get my report book. Forgot to get my chemistry textbook. Forgot where i left my geography textbook.. okays i can bang the wall.. plus i did not get my socialstudies secondary four book which i thought i would get it.. in SCHOOL. and the bookshop was however.. not open... =.= and so poor suie~ *faints*..
what luck. hmm.. alrights back to my day. now i am blogging *obvious* and msning moussy. kinda great to see her online everyday? but i am suppose she must be tad bored? gonna meet her some day so to get my geography notes. hahas.* i think i am onna land georaphy textbook from her i suppose? hahas.. oh well.. so many questions i think i am going nuts and nutty and nuttier somehow, in someway. *-* kkays i seriously gotta go now. i feel that i have been such a total slacky these days. sh!t.. haha.. oh well..bye byes peeps~ see yers~...
hasse suie.
P.S some things are best left unsaid and untouched. =)


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