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Sunday, June 08, 2008
Bowls of laughters @ 5:56 AM

Woke up surprisingly quite early today?? oh well consider the time i set for my alarm bah.. woke up just moments before it rings { *-*} oh well.. Chatted with my lil'sister early in the morning.. { not actually wanting to open my mouth cause i just woke up } lols. still chatted and i missed another appointment of mine yet again. *-* i am sucha failure... maybe no one wants to go out with me anymore. =( sadds~ oh well.. went out later on with Hamtaro and Moussy Afterwards.. and i will let the pictures do all the talking? haha. we suddenly head for the concert , was kinda last minute. oh well and almost late. the security there was like so damn tight?? oh well..*-* and then we went up to the top seats.. its like too bad cause we were late lo.. but there were peeps who are even later.. so you cant blame us.. haha~ lol. oh well.. the concert was nice.. i cannot believ so many solo-ist lo! plus euphonium solo!! haha. and trumpet, trumbone, saxaphone and and clarinet oh not to mention also flute. haha. plus each of them i think got a few intsrument? its like they keep changing it. and there were dancers in like two of the pieces , {kinda distracting} hmms.. the pieces were so-so for some and their dynamics was awesome. thats what i hear. =) hoho~ their drummer/percussionist rocks.. oh my~ and and there was absolute a reason why they were given four sticks.. they have to use all!! simple? yea.. but our drummers use two only =.= hah.. must tell them next time. so like damn pro!! haha. yeahs.. the concert was marvellous so didnt much regret the choice of throwing my books away for a day. *-*...haha.. oh.. hmm.. was quite glad that we put Hamtaro's name down on the waiting list. haha.. din regret. Thus we went shopping around. wahhs.. and BOY COTTS>>>>>>>>>ANDERSONS>>>> lol. *-*%notice.. : the three mouse/musketeers are on tight budget and saving monney. dont ask us to spend more then what we wish toooooooooooo!!!!... lol. oh well.. then we also ate/drink/chat/watch/sat/played/laughed. lol. so many things~ oh and BREATHE. lol.. =) okay being lameo here. !! afterwards we went home and decide to maintain relations by conferencing and msn? cause we are not gonna be seing each other for quite long. lols. kkay i shall stop here shall i?P.S should i? should we? should he? should she?LMAO. hasse suie~


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