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Monday, June 09, 2008
action for a minute @ 5:54 AM

*Rings~* okay i wasnt even bothered by the alarm. woke up VERY very late. and was most certainly late meeting them~
Today we are going out to kinda celebrate johanathan's birthday?? hmms.. with me/mich/kishen/dhana/amos/well and the birthday boy~ haha. Gave him the pressies. { awws.. i missed the momentem~ } okay.{ saw matt?} Met them over at the interchange and had a change of plans. well.. by eating first then watching movie { which in the end din } Took bus 10 over to lating's Aston. hmm.. the place was quite packed.. but we got a seat. =) choosing to order.. me/mich took the chances and swipe our cameras. { lmao } *giggles* hmms. then we order our stuffs. *mine was the most $$$* laughs~* naughty! kkays. while waiting everyone seemed to join the *shooting* contest. lol. hahas. ate/chatted. then we stayed for awhile more at our tables before leaving. Then we sort of went seperate ways by the bus stop~ the guys went marina ? and me/mich took bus 14 over to town. { okay this was the first time taking it , and then thats how i know there is bus 14? and it actually goes to town.} yeahyeahs~ =) reached. Went over to kino. and browsed randomly. Afterwards head over to taka's basement and get our drinks/then aka food. lol* { and i realise we seem to dont coincidenntly see someone there. *-* oh well.. okays .. next ! hop on to the train we went back to our homes. was kinda early still but tiredness and time limits set by parents made us bound to go home. =.= haha.kkays. back home slack. did some work. ate and then blogged. okay i hope to see someone's blog up here soon! the sooner the better.~ haha. yeahs~
Hasse suie~
p.s.. it was then.. that moment when i was walking a longer distance alone.. i once knew that it was the truth.
seine schwer zu sehen, fühlen und vergessen


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.