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Saturday, June 21, 2008
TOO tatada~ @ 8:05 AM

Oh mys! .....oh and you thought i am gonna end it with a *tian* oh well~ For peeps, it was my birthday yesterday. =) wonder why i blogged only today? hahas. you will see. =) was chionging before my birthday. and then prepared. Tons of snacks/food was unfinish but i hoped everyone had much fun and an enjoyable time. hahas. And MANY THANKS to MY dear MOUSSY and LIL ' WINNIE. for the help in preparing i couldnt done it without you guys. and Thanks to everyone who wished my and gave me pressies. loved every of them. haha. so i shall let the pictures talk? hahas. oh i shall mention a few that we din happen to take pictures about. hmm.. tarot/card playing. And i had a blast of fun. i hope this happens again. even its not my birthday.! =) smile peeps~!!

How cute

When whispers no longer survive;

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