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Friday, June 27, 2008
shakalaka BABE~ @ 3:24 AM

Oh. yes. i did say i din wanna go online. =) oh well.. today was friday. Felt kinda weird as today din have Physical Education lessons. *dull* Almost fell asleep during the first lesson. and it was chemistry. Finally i finished my Last series of Harry potter { deathly hallows} her previous books were tad better. Other than the Order of Phoenix.. And After O's i am gonna do some stuffs. also to re-read the whole series , hahas. hmm.. Today after school.. went to catch a movie with huiting/mich.~Was pretty satisfied , cause its the first NC 16 movie that i am Able to go in without worries. and Qualified { wonder is it the right word to use. } anyway , The movie was "WANTED" and it starred the two i liked. -James McAvoy and Angelia Jolie- oh well.. *smiles* The whole show was gruesome. Missed seconds of the starting but not really much though. Afterwards sort of walked huting while she headed for her tuition me and mich went over to plaza singapura. Oh. i almost forgot, spotted my last time friend/nieghbour. and i forgot her chinese name until i mention it to my cousin at home. what sh!t. lmao. but it was nice to see her. well chatted and caught a glimpse of her boyfriend. Shant comment much though..ZZZ OH Sh!t many things to settle. and do. Fussed~ anyway. i am obedient so I will listen to HUITING! haha! hehs. Got food/stuffs. Mrt-ed Home. on the way was Randoms/chitchats~ Mich mumi asked me over for dinner. and i was *paiseh* so i sorta turned it down. Felt kinda bad. Will try to say sorry next time. *sighs* hmm.. oh well.. dont feel like myself these days.. hope it does get better. in anyway. *-*

~ i hope for the best for the trip. liebe~ Vergessen. Hasse~suie.

If you believed what you see, so be it.

If you believed what you heard , So be it.

If you Believed what you think of it , SO be it.

But if one day you realised that ,

you no longer trust ,

you no longer believe ,

you no longer have thy confidence in yourself ,

i did say one thing.

STOP ************ YOURSELF.

GO GO. Shakalaka BABE.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.