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Friday, July 11, 2008
I'm lovin' every single moment. @ 7:49 AM

Oh* and here we are! opps~ =X hahas. Sorry peeps~ for the Delayed Posting!!!... like A million years. oh and pardon for all those lagging that those pictures give { suddenly i hear Hamtaro's voice } *-* *smiles* ohs.. Schools' has been much like the same. Exception of more of my Short-Term Memory. Temperature taking. Knowing that Ms Rahayu has been Tumbling onto some blogs. Ah! and Forgetting to ask Mr.Harold Goh About the *Prom-Night* which.. happens .... {ponders} oh well that aside. Pictures were not complete below. But were briefly about the heritage Tour We Took! { the seven wonders} oh. Let me do some intro. We have the Three Beauties of the day. Winnie/Cassandra/Michelle! and then followed by the Two crappies. Huiting/suie . And lastly the Forced ones. Xueling/Angela. {and that makes seven } Great.!!! haha Wonder girls. { or most likely } =) i simply love love LOVE them. And this is gonna be the very *******Last year. *snucks*
Well back to the Recents. Today , School was Short. Went Two trips to the library. Then to the Hokkaido's Fair ! Crowded. =( hmm.. anyway. Then accompanied the guys *kamal/arran/ivanTAN* to grab some bite. While the girls *The three Musketeers* to enjoy our prize over at The fair. =) *smiles*. Was into the B.O.R.E mode/mood. So some went over to my house. Chatted/slacked. Kamal went off for soccer. Afterwards was arran and followed by Mouse. Walked her to the Mrt. And also to pass Arran his wallet. { which he happen to left at my house } =.= oh.
hmm.. Saw Hengyu. He made a different appearance again. oh. Got my Cleo and smitten anyway. And thinking that actually how much more i could have saved without buying these magazines???! Cleo is $4.20 . Smitten $6.00 . Shape $5.oo . Women's weekly / female . *about* $6.00?? oh. and i am so happie that street magazines were mostly FREE. And that's good news =) .
Tomorrows a date with Mouse. Was actually gonna spend it alone.? except that i will be with Cheng. =) By the way, i was hoping that Movies will wait til O'levels are over before they come. They seem like Distractions NOW!. Damn. I'm seriously gonna pry my eyes off any screens. Exception screens in SCHOOL. =).
~Hasse suie~
P.s Come on baby. I'm waiting. =)


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