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Thursday, July 03, 2008
Mir Liebe Dich. @ 2:27 AM

Hey Hey ... Today's the 3rd if july.. 2008. Time passes real fast isnt it? A wednesday, by the way. *smirks* lets see.. Lets start the post from tuesday? which i happen to only remeber what happen during Physical Education and nothing else more. *smiles* Captain's Ball , as usual. =) Oh i got hit by the head and Hamtaro got smached by the face. { upper Jaw to be exact } and bled a little.. poor hammie~ hmms.. next, yesterday. Five period of chemistry is really killing. Chinese was totally used for ctaching up work. { on other subjects } its cool you know , to worry less about one subject... But sadly i regretted not doing that well { i know it } in that exam. hmms.. well.. back here. STAR period. {breeze } like always. Afterwards headed to meet momi. Went over to Vivo-city cause mumi wanna get something. and we chatted random stuffs.

Totally random. =.=

Plus i was like half chatting/taking shots. lmao . soon we found ourselfs searching high and low for a waterbottle that pleases me enough for me to buy it. and its' to NO avail~ tatadas~ lmao. Picky me. hmm.. Mumi bought some clothes for herself/me/lil'sister. consider my sister's dress was pick by me, was quite glad. Cause i would like to have it. But it was in pink. hmm~>.....

oh. about today. Timetable was a torture. Kinda relived when Mrs Ng missed today's lessons. but i do hope she is fine? hmm.. afterwards was physics. Since we went over the last chapter it was revision. Well, not much though . Mostly was actually marking/checking through papers. =) and some things he told us. *storys* i love them. *shrieks* =) hahas. and then was assembly. Today we have the Chinese Orchestra Playing. was. okay but they went to Over with the Dynamics. Hmm.. and on the next week , which is the 10Th of July. It will be Band's Turn. Sadly i couldnt play. Oh well.. English was the same. Although i didnt felt like putting my head down. Considering.. i think i am trying to catch his attention. Somehow. =) *shhs~*. oh well.. Mr.Farizal missed lessons too. And left us some homework which is to be brought home in the end. and well.. the class was therefore dismissed. hmm.. After school went to Chemistry Remedial. was kinda REALLY basic type. oh well.. but i did get some things clear. and was in dismay that how stoopid i can get. when i cant even actually complete that worksheet in a breeze~ ohs~~~ GOSHES. hmmpfs! gotta buck up Ms Chan Suie! lmao.. and then went to the school's library to lend books. Saw Ms Rahayu there. was like asking me Why am i there. Told her i was gonna lend some books. She was suprise. Cause she thought me and michelle prefer National library books then school's. Well.. to a point yes, as there arent much books in school that are of to our Taste. Sadly~ haha. hmm. Lended two books. of one i thought i did read it before. Hmms.. what a lousy mind i have. having to not remembering all the tittles. and i do mean ALL. Including. Songs tittle. Books Tittle. The show's/movie name. etc. oh goshs. so whenever i need to tell someone that particular song/book/movie/sow i had to describe and say its contents/scenes. Tedious. *grrs~* but well it might serve me good/or not. =) afterwards waited for Moussy. Went to see band. Played/chatted/joked.. Psss... thers a new member . haha. Tony's his name. Oh!. lmao. then send moussy home *chated with her quite a bit* and then bus-ed home. Saw lil'sister on my way. she was on her way to a concert?? accompanied her for awhile and headed home went she got on the cab! lmao. She will be back 'round Ten?? i suppose. oh well.. back home and ate. Was really hungry. and then felt like opening my Lappie so here i am. haha. Tomorrow's sports day?!*games day* haha. and Then To Underwater world we go! hahas. its a over-night stay.. rare? haha. cool imagine. seeing fishes above you as you sleep/spent through the night. isnt it cool? or what? haha. yesyes!!

pictures may/may not be a lot. it depends. so stay tuned to the next oncoming post. i promise if pictures will delight your day, i will make it happen.

Till then TsChuss~!! peeps!

P.S the Day i will Wait, to hear you say those words to me... =) smile people!


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