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Saturday, July 12, 2008
7 HOURS @ 9:17 AM

oh. i realise i had gain a million pounds. and. i now sucks in my Heels. or rather my Wedges. Goshes~*. Anyway. Was Tuition first. Afterwards went to meet Moussy ! haha. Hilarious day we had. and soon you will know. Or rather if you went along with us~! haha. First Stop. Raffles city! haha. Took Moussy there For a quick walk Cause i wanted to take a look at the ROxy~ haha. Afterwards went to shop for Ivan's pressie. hmm.. Saw a pencil box for him but its like... I dont really Want to buy a pencil BOX for him. I want to give him.. SOmething different. haha. But in the end. It was almost as Simple. Xp. *smirks* Head on to Suntec next. Wanted to make a trip to MyOplayGround. But din in the end. Of course there wasnt much regret cause There was much laughters and all. Desperately we went to get drinks over at Bugis. And "*painlessly*" we walked to Haji Lane. WHich much to our surprise/delight 90% of The shops are open!!! hahas. People filling as time goes. We spent more then an hour there ! PLus we saw many many Clothes and Things/stuffs we WANT! haha. although we saw some stuffs that were cheaper then usual...{ like the gladiators which usually cost $109. and it went to $89 }Too bad we have no $$$$$$ goshes~ we swear to work hard for it anyway. haha. we need it. @-@ oh. haha. oh well.. by then we went back to bugis junction, with the lovely ice-creams from *l**k. Looked /played and we ate at the FISHERIOS haha. but it totally din serve as a good first impression. however... we are soon off to the street. hahas. For the whole day, me and Moussy were looking like kids. { or rather behaving like ones }. went high and low.. In search for a 26INCH. bAsTARd! Grrs** anyway. i am FAT!. gosh,. after moments later. We went to JCO~ which.. we recoup our losses *feets* haha. aching. &-& boo~... haha. soon.. Mrt-ed home we go! and pictures were there again. haha. coolness... CREDITS too MOUSSY! haha. yeahs*ness. Home-ed. and it was really nice to have my feets relaxed! cool~! haha. anyway. now the Three Musketeers. and on some actions haha byebyes peeps~ i need to go now! dont miss me.
HASSE fat suie. ~ and i meant it!
P.s routine starts now!


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