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Sunday, July 27, 2008
determination&courage @ 3:39 AM

Good-gracious. Talk about the day. Today almost overslept. But was saved as Yhan was kinda late too. =) *smirks* anyway. Past aside. i have no means to write it now. Yada yada. *-*
On my way to meet her i lost her pressie and the card i made for her. Talk about the LUCK!~ ohs~ ... =.=''' hmmpfs. Went to church today. Saw a a whole lot of new faces , and lotsa empty seats. Was wondering. but because they have PSI. thats the reason. =) Service was usual. except soeone was leaving. Talking about unusual. i thought see-ing two monks. a person who had plastic surgery done and a rock/long haired guy with his girlfriend.{ with hair longer then hers } at a same time. i saw a few guys today with hair shaved off. Talk about trends. but No. *smiles* Dominic was one of the few. And got to know that it was because they are in NS. Cool. i thought of going. *laughs~* if i could make it. =) *perhaps*. sweet talking. After service was done , chatted with Joey/Yhan at a corner. Stuffs. Not to mention. Hmms.. gonna be busy round these days then. =) oh well. And once. Yhan proof to me she can be Not-sotong in her true-self which she seldoms switch back to. =.= hahas. Soon , Yhan walked me to the bus-stop and got something to eat on the way. it was nice of her though. =) *Danke* =)
Took bus 10. Cause i dont wanna others to wait for Yhan too long. And it was a kinda long ride. which totally allows me to get absorb into my own thinking and my Book. of the SASS series. but if i couldnt find that book , which i highly think so. { cause i loan this book from our school library. } perhaps i would try the national library or not to continue the series. Since those are seperate stories. =)

oh. so time could pass so fast. and i am grateful for the questions that were answered for i hope more talks and connections could be made to thou , my friend. peace always. Liebe suie. Tschus.

P.s Life is worthy if there's a cost that you are fighting for.
&& i so wanna love you once more again.


When whispers no longer survive;

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