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Friday, July 18, 2008
watching you come and go @ 4:29 AM

Opps~ was like planning to start blogging with * oh i'm like taking a BREAK / RELAXING and with my COMFORT food * and it goes on. but noooo~!. lmao. anyway. Went home early left the girls {5} down there , with mich. *some reasons* oh well. Lets start everything from yesterday shall we...?? =) *smirks* Was like "norm" .. Physics was Hilarious.. snd was slacking through the periods afterwards. =)

After school... Met up with Moussy and studied together. Hahas. iMAgood GIRl. lmao. haha. Did much work. Which i'm kinda proud of? *-* oh. haha.

Saw band anyway. and we stayed til practice was over. haha.

OKay about today. Woke up late , but surprisingly my showers/preparations din take as long as usual. =.= oh. Met the usual peeps. Started off quite 'hardworking' doing work and stuffs. but onwards on maths lessons.. was total slack. plus, we even played Tarot~ woos~ i wanted the whole pack ''rider waifte'' Tarot cards. That would prolly burn a big HOLE like. Erhs $88 !!! freakin' ... *-* sadds.. but anyway. i will get it somehow. =) After school , the seven wonders splited to four three. =) went home, showered/ate. and meet winnie/xueling. was like early?? and finally not late. hahs~ oh well.. Mrt-ed all the way down bugis. and shopped there. was like planning to do some revision.. but you know. Shopping is one of Girl's weakness. and especially WINNIE! lmao. she can spend like -----------$%$%

LMAO! anyway. Ate and met the rest Four. Huiting/mich/cassandra.

Shopped for pressies. oh. and i realise i'm so HUGE. i cant even fit in to many of those TIGHT jeans. which i could in like six months back?? sh!tty.

well, afterwards headed to KINO/MUJI. hmm.. and headed home. yea. while the rest four went to eat i suppose? haha. oh well.

Got home. and it was.. =.= shocked. Cause my roomie was Uber untidy. with my cousin there. oh. okay. so i forgot to clean up. Thats what i remembered. =)

anyway, packed up and ate. Filled to the brim and went hands on to fix those troublesome wires and boxes so we could watch television. had a hard time. but we couldnt manage dadi's one, thus only the living roomie one was done. oh well.. tough luck. *-* LOL. There's not any interesting shows. so came blogging. isnt that so so fun?? lmao! =.= haha. gotta play anyway. promise myself to go hardcore on computer today. hmm... have been keeping my hands off okays!! haha. yeahs~

hmm.. oh well and i gotta stop here. gonna change some skins.

But before i go. I Hope Ivan and Dhana will like their pressies that they were going to recieve these days. Happys! Their birthdays fall on 20th of july. oh. and someones birthday too.. which i had a hard time remembering... sh!tty.

Stopping here! hasse suie.

Cards-making / Revising in progress.

P.S baby you've come back. But i feel your love no more. Cause my heart belongs to another. =)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.