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Friday, August 01, 2008
no more tears @ 7:48 AM

hey guys, guess after this post i wont be onlin-ing or blogging as often. or maybe wont even. =) guess thats what i have to do since i made a promise to myself. { or perhaps once a week} omg!

its like.. okay since time is running out i am doing it. plus. i gotta stop putting on weight. seeing my past photos is like killing me. like. my waist has been increase by a digusted 5-7 inches?? Freak-ish. i want my figure back. OH god. please bless me back the -2008 march figure - of mine. shhsh! anyway. Today after school caught 'The mummy' with huiting/Hamtaro. Was nice *the actions* and kinda dumb *the stuffs* afterwards was trying to shop for something but din manage to. i suppose this year isnt a lucky year for me. * by my bad grades and gaining of humongous range of weight* arghhs~! lol. =.= Home-ed and ate again. i felt that i am being like a PIGGY. and a very naughty one. whatever. i want to slim and i am determined. Today totally wept me off. my shirt size was horrifying. i am tearing. *cant you see*. i can stand the sayings/critizism. whatever you guys say, its not gonna hurt anymore. it was because i was once affected so i am like this. see-ing yous smiles i HATE IT . anyway. enough of this things. gonna have a busy weekend. and mugging. shall have no out-goings. take care peeps. byes~

loves suie~ hass ****.

p.s whenever i am out. you're gonna pull me in. take that ido!T.=x


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