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Thursday, August 07, 2008
if love has another go @ 8:25 AM

Have sucha urge to blog. So here i am. Been browsing my past post. realised my language was dropping. i loved best , { May 2007's posts } nice. hmms.. perhaps i would never ever post in that way. Because life's changed. oh well.. school was pretty much the same. and its like weird? because prelims are here baby. BUT.
To me it aint great and all. I haven even start any bit of revision. Which totally din rock . 'Cos i know time's running out.and I have not been in a real Uber-ness good mood. Just that i'm still smiling. Perhaps. Saying this here, makes peeps think i might wanna gain attention and all. But think for all you like, and say for all you want. i dont care.
I totally wonder what blood runs in me.
IF i had a wish now. i would want to run like theres no tomorrow.
i want to disappear out of everyones' life but two.
i really love you(s), and would never let you(s) go.
i know how fortunate i am to have both of you.
and i will cherish you(s) till my death.

if only i could turn back time. I will mend/undo all the wrongs. i will live/love to the fullest.
and i want my life/friends back. i really loved them. i really do. and i wondered what changed that.
And what changed me. i dont wanna grow. i dont wanna change, if its a process to grow.
If only theres' a chance for *if only*s to happen. too bad even mediators cant help me.
I want to be naive/innocent/stupid. i want to smile everyday in my true smiles.
No crappings/entertaining. just pure true joy. laughters.

P.S thanks for you&you.
why do things go the wrong way for me.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.