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Saturday, August 09, 2008
mucka @ 11:09 PM

Yep.! =) Was the celebrations yesterday. Went out with some peeps. =) pictures will be later~
okay. For Friday. Celebrations of Singapore's Birthday! hahas. The time was cut short. Differs from past years, but we did enjoy ourself. and i liked the decorating of our own Tee-shirts.{ although i din draw/design} afterwards was teachers performance. Was kinda shock/happy to see Mr.goh up there performing. And next he was singing. This performance somehow reminds me of High school musical and hair spray! lmao. hahas. then it was sing-a-long sessions. was kinda hilarious when we all got tooooooooooo high! everyone went on stage. Was damn *spontaneous* quoted by Mr. wee. lmao! kk. After the whole commotion it was then time to go off. The four girls. Huiting/mich/hamtaro and me. then when Cathy. Walked around town , and caught the "love guru" was nice. and funny. though the plot was bit stoopid. But it was then to make it comical! lmao. *laughs~*. afterwards, was suppose to do revision together , but didnt. stayed awhile with hamtaro/huiting. and played games. after accompanying , went home for dinner. =) and the story goes on and on~!!! haha
The pictures are more then those below. want any , you may grab here or nudge/text/call/taggies me for sending.
ps. conscious VS unconscious
byebye~ Hasse suie


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