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Friday, October 24, 2008
drift @ 6:06 AM

hmm.. its been like a thousand years since i've blogged?? hahas, well i think there should be some stuffs that ought to be noticed. Olevels are here. few papers were down and about five more to go. Physics , chemistry paper one , emaths paper two , social studies and chinese papers . { for me } =) hmm... some of the recent stuffs going and passed.

Graduation day. had the ceremony and liked the clip that was flashed on the screen. gave surprises. And thought of the many memories that has been contributed thru' the years. Am also very glad that this day had let me settle some of the long dragging issues. seriously , i have not regretted. Because, its a part and parcel of life, although this does not mean that i dont cherish/or put friendship in importance. But i guess i need not explain to you any further , for all those ....

anyway, next! ... Was studying cum revsing in some of the girls house. was a complete stay over. doing was so-so play was a quarter more i have to admit. next was movie watching. "burn after reading" totally sucked big time. Was almost froze-ed to death during the show. *brrs*... lalas~ to more i can't remember.

but i do know everyone is studying real real hard. all the best people for the remaining papers !!!! hahas~! after Olevels , people remeber your promises to friends.. and do stay active and connected!

Loves a whole lot! suie....

p.s some things may seem to be. i know i cant help it , i cant change so i will just have to except it. anyway; pictures, after O levels kkay?

Quote : blissful people blame their everyday moments, while the hard-lifed people fight for that everyday light.


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