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Thursday, September 04, 2008
love you yes i do. @ 9:35 PM

blame me. but im just lazy to upload the pictures.
if want. leave me your hotmail. and i will email you pictures that are of relavant to you. of perhaps that i think that you need. if not i will not. =).
right.. POP was yesterday. had a lot of commotion before we can even enter the school. almost missed it. *-* it was fun and all.. running barefooted . took lotsa pictures and recieved many thoughts. loved every single one of them yet i din teared. i smiled. and laughed.
afterwards.. left with cher/siewmin/cassandra. chat/played/travelled. realised im having the worst of my time. but the girls manage to bring my up a lil' THANKS. right. i will have to stop the post.

*note* : having misconceptions and misunderstandings about me for all they want. i wont even bother, but when its you i cared/cried. its because you are my friend that i loved dearly. and you are doing all ths shit and act like you dont even care. or maybe you really dont.

the moment i entered the room. the atmosphere was so tense that it tied my heart.
with eyes so brillant and words so simple.
their minds so blank with faces that conceals.
hearts or crosses but of whom that knew.
with the past that builds. we left that room.
only the true hearted ones know how much effort was put.
and only the touched ones know that these are never to be forgottten.

ps. ps. i loved evryone of you. =)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.