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Friday, August 29, 2008
catcha breath. @ 11:14 PM

i have five mins to blog. rushing off to play pool.=)
anyway, yesterday was the teachers day celebration. and i din even know it was the aces day. *quote?*
had a scrumptous meal like *buffet*. winners!!~ 404 rawks.
omgoodness. this years was really a memorable one. Presents to every teacher especially ms rahayu / ms ang / mrs Ng. Was the best. extreme. and it was really ..... nice... to see their expression/ ms ang teared. Mrs Ng... flipped thru' every page with us followed with some really touching words.. that im sure touched the hearts of us. { freakin' im so sad now. }
guess what.. we are like leving in like less than two months time. well about there. okay. im really sad.
hmm... i've gotta go now. shall continue later. love suie.

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