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Monday, September 08, 2008
My remedy. @ 6:56 AM

Sometimes life just dont go the way you planned/wanted it.
just like how it did for me. *-*
Was suppose to be the "good:" one and studiously revising. but i end up napping/watching television /reading blogs and aka. snacking. { and thats a terrible habit }
Whatever. okays. quick run.
First day of school after the long *week* holiday. Can't imagine how fast it passes and what it did for me. But sadly it aint nothing to do with { slimming down and assure me a good set of grades } okay. i'm fine with it anyway. gotta buck up!.
Papers are back. namely english / socialstudies / Emaths paper 1. did farely... average. if you ask me. Was only surprised by my english grades. *yeahs~* i finally pass my summary. which came as a shock anyway.
next. had a One-hour long recess. slept through maths. *cries* for my humanities. and ended the day at Tampinies mall. lunched/chatted/mag-ed. which was pretty random. *-*
well.. i guess things are going the way it suppose to be.

*quote* :
It was when under the fallen stars then you could see clearly.
just like when the affection was removed you could see what an asshole he is. =)

p.s : i just realise things arent meant to be. so i will just have to accept it. =)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.