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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
My Hankerchief @ 10:32 PM

do we look alike.? sisters? or mother and daughter
Hola!! today is my last paper?! eek! lmao. actually i felt nothing has change. =) hahas, anyway.. after the paper had a long stay in the school. waited and chatted. And headed to Gym with Dhana and mich. Super long din went out/chat with her. ANd before that had a SUPER long chat with kishen. which made mich wait long. SORRY!... well.. kinda chilled in there rather than went there to work it out. *-* opps..=X haha. Was discussing loads with mich and dhana? Anyway you guys din have to know. Headed over to agency. and thot that it was bad! @@@ hahas. but well worth a try?! lols. than ate with mich. ( dhana after the 16th you will have a lunch date with me ) Was very full and sleepy. Went straight home. am going to plaza singapura later. am tired but need to get some stuffs ..urghs~!! Sh!tty plus.. need to accompany my Crystaloves!! see im so good. *-* =p haha blehs. hmm.... now watching leap year again. because my lil'sister miss most parts of it. so im bored! going buy some games to play. naughty me. spending more than what i can earn. hahas. anyway. thanks mich for helping me today and also to apply one day jobs!!=) yipees!
P.s did i mention? i saw my baobeiis when i was on my way home. all the best to their papers! love yers!. =)


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