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Monday, November 10, 2008
Split , turn , down. @ 5:50 AM

Right. Just came back from studio Wu and got my lovely bath. so im clean.fresh and definitely smelling nice! and SWEET. haha. =) oh. here to do the below questions given and tagged by CHER!. the Ballerina!. =)

here goes.

Rule 1 : people that have been tagged to do this quiz would have to answer and post their answer on blog. they are also given a choice to change any questions that they dont like with the ones they formulated.

Rule 2: Tag five other people after you complete the quiz. and those who are being tagged cannot refuse to answer. and thus continue to pass on the quiz.


1: Do you have a secret?

ans:hmms. to what i recall no.=)

2:Would you fall in love with someone younger than you?

ans: i did before. but will not.

3:How long would you be willing to wait for someone you really loved?

ans:it depends?

4:What would you do with a billion dollars?

ans:split half to momi and dadi. 1/4 to my savings rest i will take my sister out for shopping.

5:If you're granted a wish , what would you wish for?

ans: that the current greenhouse gases wont harm the earth but actually is beneficial.=)

6:Which would you prefer ; loving someone or being loved?

ans: Both?

7:use one word that best describe the person who tagged you this quiz.


8:What would you do if the person you admired secretly is attached?

ans: Give Up.

9:Is there anything that can make you happy ?

ans: looking at past photos.

10:In what kind of scenerio/situation could make you sad?

ans:when my friends are down

11:where would you see yourself in 10 years later?

ans: University, to attain of a higher degree than bachelor

12:what is being regarded the most important thing/etc in your life?

ans: my family? or my home.

13:would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?


14:Whats your fave. colour?

ans:white/blue/silver depending on what.

15:What would you do if someone lied to you?

ans: it depends and defer on different peeps

16:Do you believe theres something as 'truelove'?

ans:Yes. but to a certain extent.

17:who was the last one that told you he/she loves you?

ans:my momi.

18:if you're currently attached , but you had a change of heart. what would you do?

ans:tell my partner about it. but i wont go for that guy.

19:who can bring you up at your downpoint?


20:name something you wanted now?

ans:Sleeping pills.

5 people to do this survey.






lmao.. and im not tagging them.

Arse me. but whatever, =)

gotta run. catching my animes. loves suie.


When whispers no longer survive;

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