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Sunday, November 09, 2008
Etymology @ 6:48 AM

MY goodness~! im having a terrible headache right now. sh!t.
Was having a series of packed-boring days~ @-@ Tomorrows the second last paper!. the MCQs. nice. and i haven touch a single thing~ Greatness. *-*. spent my whole day watching Rented movies. =) or should i considered as a day wasted?
Pretty disappointed that i din manage to spend my fashion/shopping coupons!!! i could have got beautiful stuffs for less than half the price!! what should i do!!. hmms..... well.. but then .. im going japan soon so that will settle. Will it be good? some say you get anything there, but some beg to differ? well we shall see. =) *winks*.~!
hahas~ =) For all. been given a notice/text that chalet will be held on the 21st / 23rd is it? hahas. gonna be fun i suppose. haha. and gonna get my haircut on 27th. i think? muahhas. [ i think readers will be like goody the frindge will begone ] hah. yeaps. some of you will get your wishe! =) anyway. What totally swept my feets off the ground was.....(secret).. yipees. hope it wont go off as a dream. yikes!.
well.. should be off now. see yer!. =)
They say one should not talk of the past;
They say one should not stay in the present;
They say one should not brag about the future;
Then why in this world people still study the past;
Why in this world people still play to/ do their best on their present;
and why in this world people still keep talking about the goals and achievement of their future.
alas; people are greedy.
and they wanted more than they could achieve.
alas; people are forgetful.
and they broke the bridges they crossed.
Alas: people are desperate.
And they beg for chance.
Loves suie. liebe dich.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.